About Nood - Nood Co
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Nood Co is solution driven, design company. 


Our design sessions are cat, music, and people filled.  The starting point for each product design begins with a material, a list of problems, and a muster of free thinking.


We believe personality, whimsy and a playful approach should be part of all product design. Our company tagline is “Hold Your Colour”.  What we mean by that is to own who you are and own what you represent. To make it matter, both in life or in design. 


Nothing is more important than connection. How you connect yourself to the outside world but, more importantly, how you connect with yourself.  Good design is like a great person. Interesting, considered, and proudly unique.


Nood in his/ her pride to be unique.

Dignified and dressed to dance. 

Bright eyed and bushy tailed.


Throw in some design/manufacture geeks and you have Nood Co. We took these ideals and applied them to the furniture industry. 


Our study case, concrete.

We looked at its weaknesses, its strengths, its limitations , its aesthetics, its public perception and its colour. Then we set about changing everything, and what emerged was Nood Co. A design based concrete furniture and homewares company. 

Our concrete products are stronger, thinner, more designed, more colourful, more water tolerant and most importantly more affordable. 


So are you ready to be a noodist? If your reading this, you already are one.

Welcome to Nood Co.