Block 2021

Interview with Dan Reilly (Foreman The Block 2021)

Nood spends most of its days in the bathroom, so lets start there. Describe, to us, your dream bathroom?

My first thought is an indoor-outdoor bathroom. Think Bali. Big concrete bath, double head over sized shower, with some fig trees.

The Block Promo looks nuts. What can we expect different with this season? 

Well not all the houses are next to each other. We have residents living in-between some of the houses. If you have ever lived through a neighbour renovating or building, you can understand how annoying it can. Well imagine that x 5. Then add all the production going on out on the street. It was challenging for both the neighbours, contestants, trades people and production. But we are very lucky we had great neighbours who were very understanding.

Nood have featured in the last few seasons of the block, and again this year. How has the product been received ?

I personally love the basins, as do the judges. A lot of contestants in the past have played it “safe”, so it’s a welcome change. I think a lot of people fell in love with the product after Jimmy and Tam from last year used them throughout their house.

Colour is slowly creeping from the lounge room into the bathroom. What role do you feel colour plays in the home?

It lets the owner bring a little bit of their own personality into the home through the hard surfaces and fittings. It’s great to see people feeling confident with colour and taking more risks.

Which is your favourite Nood piece? 

It would have to be the Trough Basin Vanity set. My dream is to own a farm style house in Red Hill Melbourne, and this will fit in nicely. I will just have to check with the boss “Dani” first.

Which is your favourite Nood colour?

Mint by a mile. Honourable mention to Pastel Peach.

The Nood basins are now 100% chemical and portland cement free. As industry leaders, have you noticed a shift in the importance of sustainable products, Aussie made products?

I love this. Sustainable products is something every customer, or client should be considering. I completed a green living course last year, and its something we consider with all products and materials we use on our builds. And if Covid has taught us anything, it’s to by home grown products.

Ok, enough Noodity. Outside of the Block world, what do you do for giggles?

Massive Geelong supporter, so love to get to the footy when I can. Travel is massive for both of us, and love going to the snow.

Any final thoughts / quotes / wisdom for your followers that aspire to colourful design? 

Don’t listening to the outside noise and trust your own judgement. Back yourself in.