Project Features

Timeless Design in a refurbished Avant Garde Hotel


We were so amazed by this beautiful refurbishment at Hotel Le Garage Biarritz recently featuring our Nood co basins that we had to share it with you.  

This timeless Neo retro designed private mansion is located next to the ocean in Biarritz, France.  This avant-garde hotel has 27 rooms and suites steeped in history. Formerly a garage that housed the most beautiful cars of the Belle Époque it has been completely renovated into a luxury hotel!



What mood were you trying to achieve?

We thought of the Le Garage Hotel Biarritz as “La nouvelle Maison” (The new house) in Biarritz, a place where you have your habits and which makes you want to come back. The universe is eclectic, and imagined in the spirit of the times. It is a timeless and relaxed place. A luxury hotel yet accessible through dynamic, playful and cutting-edge design, a slight atmosphere of insouciance infuses the location.


The ambiance in the hotel is highlighted by conviviality and a relaxed mood. We designed the place with a swimming pool, a terrace as well as woven and colourful furniture. The direct access between the indoors and outdoors sets a holiday vibe. The bedrooms have open wardrobes to make you feel comfortable and many of them have private gardens, terraces or patios. The lobby has a large table where one can chat and share precious moments.





Tell us about the colors, patterns, material choice, and how they work together?

The atmosphere in Le Garage Hotel is cheerful and colourful, with bright colours and no pastels. Among the selected colours, “deep blue” and “sea green” are reminiscent of the ocean and nature, offset by warmer colours such as terracotta, red and pink. Not to mention black for energy.


We used raw materials such as concrete, terrazzo for the mineral side and wood to bring out the natural side. We also made use of carpets and fabrics (especially for the headboard) to give a feeling of warmth and comfort. For the record, the terrazzo had already been present in the owners’ apartment and the idea of ​​using an existing material appealed to us. In addition to our mutual crush, it also displays the richness of the nuances. We have also chosen eco-responsible materials such as those offered by Ames (recycled PVC) and to work with local craftsmen like the Blunt factory in Biarritz, craftsmen who make furniture from raw materials.




Tell us about your Nood selection/Why did you select that design and color?

We chose NOOD washbasins for several reasons:

- their range of attractive colors.

- the touch so soft and the weight so light for concrete.
Also for the shapes which are as interesting as each other :

-  Oval for our cosy room for its retro side and circle for our suites because we found it more elegant

A very interesting mix of qualities to combine with other color palettes and materials such as wood and terrazzo.

We also took great pleasure in choosing several colors according to our types of rooms and this helped us to define the atmospheres of each type of bathroom.



Mirror : M Nuance

Tapware : Vola

Furniture : Blunt



Décoratrices: Pauline Minsé et Agnes Guiot

Architect: Laurent Borotra - Les Architectes Anonymes