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Our Product

Delve into the design and manufacture process of our award-winning concrete range.

Italian designed. Australian made.

The Nood Co range was proudly designed by Matt Di Costa, co-owner of the Nood Co brand. Matt’s Italian heritage infiltrates each piece with its careful, contemporary consideration.

Matt says: “Each Nood piece is an exploration of duality. We took a masculine building material and presented it in its most feminine state, adding curve, form, colour and proportion. We gave our pieces a voice and sense of fun, exercising restraint with the design to allow the material to speak. We have made concrete more approachable, we made it lighter, stronger and sealed for real world function. We made it transportable, suitable for commercial and contemporary spaces. Concrete is a stunning material with so much story to tell. Good design should be simple to view, complex in concept, Nood of complication”. 

Handcrafted concrete. A designer purchase.

Nood Co spent 4 years developing a unique, UHP concrete composition, colouring and sealing system.

Each piece within our collection of 90 or so is carefully handcrafted by our highly trained artisan team with only the finest materials and custom molds. When you purchase a Nood piece, you are buying something thoroughly unique.

All Nood Co designs are made in-house and a reflection of the team who make. Every step in the process is taken with pride and precision.

A new consciousness in concrete is here.

Show me the manufacture process...

Take a look into our design process with this behind-the-scenes video taken at Nood Co manufacture headquarters in Perth, Australia.

User Guide

Everything you need to know about the application and maintenance of your Nood product prior to placing an order.

Maintenance Guide

How do I look after my Nood piece? Click below: 

Sink Maintenance and Wax Application:

Indoor/Outdoor Concrete Maintenance and Wax Application:

8hr Stain Test:

Installation Guide

Placing a Nood Co piece in my house: our products weigh anywhere from 5kg to 90kg, depending on which piece you choose. Please ensure you have ample support when lifting each piece. Below are the recommended guides for safely lifting concrete:

0 to 18kg – 1 Person

18 to 40kg – 2 People

40 to 55kg – 3 People

55 to 95kg – 4 people

Please ensure you exercise caution when transporting each Nood Co piece. All furniture is delivered carefully packaged with pre-applied furniture pads for safe and easy placement. 

Do you make custom designs / colours ?

Nood have over 90 pieces in their range and aim to provide a broad range to meet our clients’ needs. We are more than happy to create custom concrete furniture and sink designs but do require a minimum order of 20 pieces.  

For more please contact: [email protected]

Does Nood concrete scratch or stain easily?
Nood Co Concrete is sealed in the highest performing, deep penetrating sealers, and hence our concrete has an incredible stain and abrasion resistance.

That said, concrete is a natural material and requires some minor care. Nood Co provides guides on installation, maintenance, protective waxing and much more.

Where can I use Nood products?

Indoor: Nood provide indoor product with a stunning low sheen finish that has been tested for 12 hours with red wine, coffee, curry paste and much, much more and hence are appropriate for all commercial/residential environments.


Outdoor: Nood Co Concrete is definitely appropriate for outdoor environments. It is sealed in a deep setting, breathable sealer that protects the surface with stunning results. Please note that with outdoor use, the concrete will weather slowly through human and natural interaction. Sample pieces are available prior to purchase to aid with your understanding of product performance.


How is the concrete sealed?

Nood Co concrete is carefully sealed and water tested for real world use. The concrete itself contains an admix that increases the water tolerance and some highly engaged penetrative sealers soak into the concrete to provide a surface that more than meets real world expectations.

For more please contact: [email protected]

Do I need to reseal my concrete?

The Nood sealer is very deep penetrating and has a very strong bond and hence resealing is not required. In the unlikely event that a client determines such circumstances are required, our friendly Nood team will happily supply such product with clear application instructions.

How is your colour consistency?

We have added colour to our concrete so that designers and architects can display concrete uniquely in their projects. The goal was to transcend the expected aesthetic of concrete use. Nood Co colour their concrete composition in the highest quality pigment that acts to permeate the complete mass of the concrete. 

Nood Co are unique in that we have developed a colouring system with an incredible accuracy, making volume orders that demand continuity. For further certainty please feel free to order a colour sample pack.

My Order

Having an issue with your order? Package hasn’t arrived yet? Browse through our Order FAQs to see if your question is answered here. 

My order hasn't arrived yet.

Is your order delayed, are you in a hurry to receive it, or simply wanting an update?

If you haven’t received an email from our transport company, it means your product is still in manufacture and will likely be ready soon. Please email us your invoice number and we will be in touch with an update at [email protected]

Please Note: our lead times are an estimate and can vary due to concrete drying times or seasonal weather change. We thank you for your patience given these circumstances.

Where can I find my tracking information?

At the time of delivery, your tracking info is emailed to you via our third party transport company. 

Simply use the tracking / consignment note number to track your delivery. If you have any further queries or issues please feel free to email us at: [email protected]

There is something wrong with my order.

If you have discovered something about your order that seems out of the ordinary, please feel free to email us at: [email protected]

Please carefully read Nood Co return policy within our warranty section. 

Can I make a change to my order?

Nood Co makes all product to order. Once the product has been paid for, Nood will commence manufacture and hence we are unable to make changes to your order, accept cancelations, or provide credits. Please ensure your order is correct at the time of purchase.


Discover everything you need to know about how Nood safely transports its concrete all over the planet.

How are your products packaged? It is safe?

Air Freight 2 -3 days. 

Nood Co sends product all over world. The product is carefully wrapped and padded with 4mm foam, then boxed in heavy-set 7mm recycled cardboard, encased in 25mm SL Grade foam and palletised. Nice one.

All product is drop-shipped from our manufacture plant in Australia and is supplied directly to the customer, or to a stockist location for collection.

Delivery timeframe is 23 days; pending customs clearance.

*Please note that these prices do not include any government charges that may be applicable at the destination country.

Do you ship internationally?

Air Freight 2-3 days.

Nood Co proudly delivers its products to over 200 countries and territories around the world via air freight. You can expect a turnaround time as soon as 3-5 days transit. For more please contact us at: [email protected]

Please Note: 

Delivery timeframe is 23 days; pending customs clearance.

 *Please note that these prices do not include any government charges that may be applicable at the destination country.

Deliveries within Australia.

Nood Co offer safe and reliable road freight within Australia, providing our clients with lowest possible rates at all times. Whether it be a small package, or multiple pallet deliveries, Nood Co have a safe system for orders of all quantities. For more please contact us at [email protected]

Australian Road Transport Times: Please allow 4-6 days for transport on top of your manufacture lead time. 

Pallet Deliveries / Delivery to multi level addresses.

Nood Co requires an address that offers reasonable access for transport to drop off deliveries (ie. no laneways). Flat terrain and a ground floor location is necessary to offload and store pallets, and to avoid job complications. Nood Co uses a third party service for transport, and hence they only deliver to ground floor locations. For high rise level drop-offs please contact [email protected].


Once your product is manufactured and packaged, Nood will engage a trusted third party logistics company. Upon collection, you will be provided with a tracking / consignment number via your provided email address. We will email you to notify you of your product leaving the warehouse as well. You will be able to login and track your product from there.


Everything you need to know to purchase your Nood products. 

Payment Options

What are my payment options?

PayPal – Paypal is available on all product pages at checkout for your international payments and convenience.

Stripe – Our website is safely powered by international gateway Stripe. Payments of such nature can be made through our ecommerce platform.

ApplePay – Simply purchase through your phone, for minimal taps and a speedy service and international payments.

Afterpay – The ever popular payment plan option is available across all Nood Co products. Australia only. 

Credit Card: With each invoice or sales order sent out, there is a credit card payment option.

Bank Transfer (EFT): Bank Transfer is available for all purchases. All details are provided on sales orders/invoices. For more info please email our friendly staff at [email protected]

EWAY Transfer: Our website is safely powered by Australian gateway EWAY. Payments of such nature can be made through our ecommerce platform.

Please note: Full payment is required for all orders prior to manufacture.

Trade / Volume Purchase

Trade Discount: Nood will happily apply trade pricing for single and multiple units for all registered architects, designers, and design students. For more info please click here 

Volume Purchase: Do you have a large project with a tight budget? Nood offer exceptional volume rates to accomodate your budget for larger scale projects, and have a manufacture plant that can facilitate large orders with short lead times. For more please click here. 

Website pricing. Which currency?

Where it has been possible Nood Co have priced the product RRP to your countries currency to ensure a smooth sales process. You may order from our website online shop or simply email us for a quote here.   We will be in contact within a 24-48 hour period.

+ Get a quote.

Lead Times

Nood asks for 5- 6 weeks on all orders for manufacture, but have the ability to process particular orders at much faster rate than this, should you require a short lead. Please contact us at [email protected]