Basin Packaging


All Nood Co basins are carefully packaged in a suspended air bubble carton, ensuring safe delivery.

Nood Co product comes in a number of various packaging sizes. All cartons are safely palletised as required. For more info on packaging please contact us at [email protected].


BowlBasin Pkg

includes Bowl, Bowl Two Tone, Funl, Hoop, Prism Circle, Stepp Circle, Tubb, Cube and Vesl Square basins. 

Dimensions: L52cm x W52cm x H23cm (L20.5in x W20.5in x H9.0in)
Weight: 10kg (22lbs)

includes Box, Box Two Tone, Pill, Prism Rectangle, Stepp Rectangle and Vesl Rectangle basins. 

Dimensions: L71cm x W52cm x H23cm (L27.9in x W20.5in x H9.0in)
Weight: 16kg (35.3lbs)

includes Trough Basin only. 

Dimensions: L93cm x W46cm x H21cm (L36.6in x W18.1in x H8.2in)
Weight: 29.5kg (65lbs)

Herbert PackagingMockup

includes Herbert Basin only. 

Dimensions: L53cm x W53cm x H46cm (L20.8in x W20.8in x H18.1in)
Weight: 15kg (33lbs)


includes Box Basin and Vanity Set Frame only.

Box Basin Dimensions: L71cm x W52cm x H23cm (L27.9in x W20.5in x H9.0in)
Box Basin Weight: 16kg (35.3lbs)

Vanity Set Dimensions: L67cm x W47cm x H85cm (L26.3in x W18.5in x H33.4in)
Total Weight: 25kg (55lbs)


includes Trough Basin and Vanity Set Frame only. 

Trough Basin Dimensions: L87.5cm x W41.5cm x H16.5cm (L34.4in x W41.5in x H6.5in)
Trough Basin Weight: 29.5g (65lbs)

Vanity Set Dimensions: L87.5cm x W4.1.5cm x H87.5 (L34.4in x W41.5in x H34.4in)
Total Weight: 50g (110lbs)

Small Caddy (for round and square basins): L24.5cm x W17.5cm x H14.5cm (L9.6in x W6.8in x H5.7in)
Small Caddy Weight: 500g (1.1lbs)

Large Caddy (for rectangle basins): L28.5cm x W25.5cm x H14.5cm (L11.2in x W10.0in x H5.7in)
Large Caddy Weight: 1kg (2.2lbs)

includes Stand Legs, Trays and Caddies only. For basin carton dimensions, refer to Round + Square Basins (Standalone) or Rectangle + Oval Basins (Standalone).

Stand Dimensions: L15cm x W15cm x H86cm (L5.9in x W5.9in x H33.8in)
Stand Weight: 10kg (22lbs)

Round Tray Dimensions: L48cm x W48cm x H12.6cm (L18.9in x W18.9in x H4.9in)
Round Tray Weight: 3.5kg (8.7lbs)

Rectangle Tray Dimensions: L68cm x W48cm x H86cm (L26.7in x W18.9in x H33.8in)
Rectangle Tray Weight: 5kg (11lbs)


Cylinder PackagingMockup

includes Round Basins, Tray and Cylinder. 

Basin Dimensions: L52cm x W52cm x H23cm (L20.5in x W20.5in x H9.0in)
Basin Weight: 10kg (22lbs)

Cylinder Dimensions: L48cm x W48cm x H84cm (L18.9in x W18.9in x H33.0in)
Cylinder Weight: 22.5kg (49.6lbs)

Tray Dimensions: L66cm x W52cm x H14cm (L25.9in x W20.4in x H5.5in)
Tray Weight: 3.5kg (8.7lbs)