Product Care - Nood Co
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A Guide to Nood Concrete


This aint faux baby.


Nood concrete is a bit of marvel in that we have made concrete do things it hasn’t done before. A new level in water tolerance, a safe and manageable weight, a surface feel and abrasion resistance like never before, an on trend colour range and of course our groovy designs. In short, concrete is pleased to finally join the world of furniture.


Every step of our design and manufacture process has thoroughly considered the improvement of the consumer and user experience. And that research and improvement will continue. But like marble, timber, engineered stone and porcelain these surfaces need some care.


Here are some tips.


Clean your surfaces with a microfibre cloth. Concrete has a thing for them.


Use coasters for your drinkies. We can help with that.


Clean up your spills as they happen. You’ve probably seen the awesome results from our 30 hour stain test video but we still recommend you clean as you go. Like any partially porous surface the longer we leave a stain the more chance we run of unwanted marks.


Lay a tray or mat down before you place your hot items.


Use our protective sealer coat. It’s super easy to use and we have a video to show you how to do that too. It’s a piece of cake and your Nood piece will love you even more.


Final tip. Enjoy your cleverly thin, wonderfully coloured, stunningly patina’d, delightfully designed Nood Co piece.


Just Because


Our staff are from your world. We have an exceptional understanding of both the product specifics and manufacture but also how to design them into your space. It is important to the Nood staff that our customers feel comfortable with their purchase in and out of their home.


Please see colour palettes.