600mm Cafe Table


An effective dimension and aesthetic for commercial spaces with narrow or tight spaces.

Square - L600mm x W600mm x TH14mm (9L23.6in x W23.6 x 0.55in)
Circle - 600mm x 14mm (23.6in x 0.55)
Total Height - 800mm (30.7in)

Top + 400mm (15.74in) Base - 13kg (28.66lbs)
Top + Concrete Base - 1300mm (50.7in)
Top Only - 616mm (24.25in)

concrete colours available
Ivory, Sand, Custard, Pastel Peach, Blush Pink, Musk, Clay, Mint, Teal, Powder Blue, Copan Blue, Sky Grey, Mid Tone Grey and Charcoal.

additional info
Sealer / Install / Maintenance / Warranty
Table top only available: request quote