Cafe Table – Oak Base


A premium offering from Nood. Solid oak base and pole, high strength concrete top. Materiality meets form.

D430mm x TH25mm (D16.92in x 0.98in)
Total Height - 780mm (30.70in)

top options
D600mm x TH14mm (D23.62in x 0.55in)
D650mm x TH14mm (D25.59in x 0.55in)
D700mm x TH14mm (D27.55in x 0.55in)

Top + 440mm (17.32in) Base - 14kg (30.86lbs)
Top + Concrete Base - 26kg (57.32lbs)
Top Only - 13kg (28.66lbs)

concrete colours available
Ivory, Sand, Custard, Pastel Peach, Blush Pink, Musk, Clay, Mint, Teal, Powder Blue, Copan Blue, Sky Grey, Mid Tone Grey and Charcoal.

additional info
Sealer / Install / Maintenance / Warranty
Table top only available: request quote

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