Cylinder—Hoop Basin


This unique piece stands proudly in your bathroom in cylinder form. Featuring a bowl basin on top,  all concrete pedestals are available in your choice of 14 custom colours. Get your free standing, modern basin, with or without a concrete side tray for your toothbrush and soap. Mix and match!  You can choose from 14 colours for your basin, tray and cylinder base.

Modular bathroom concrete is here.  Enjoy.

Note - Safe, affordable delivery internationally. 

Basin: D400mm x H115mm (D15.7in x H4.5in)
Cylinder: H870mm (34.2in)
Wall Thickness: 20mm (0.8in)

Basin: 10kg (22lbs)
Total Cylinder: 22.5kg (49.6lbs)

32mm (1¼in) *Not Included


If you want a separate colour for each cylinder, basin & tray—Drop us a line and we'll organise for you. [email protected]