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so where did nood co come from?

And then, all of a sudden,  it was done.


What was once a passing chat on a Wednesday night some 18

months ago has now become something quite different. How exactly did Nood Co come about?


I’d love to say it was intentional, that is was some mastermind idea, but it simply wasn’t.

Chris and myself have always had an interest in concrete things. Sky High Renders is our side business which focusses exclusively on concrete finished walls after all, but concrete furniture was never supposed to be part of the deal.


I remember we were all sitting around the lounge room floor at my place, eating Thai food and I mentioned to Chris that I really wanted to show him this amazing concrete sink I’d found on Pinterest. It was a full scandanvian style, thin legged concrete vanity set. Chris said ‘we should make that for your home renovation ‘.


I was like ‘ hell yes ‘, not really knowing if it were possible. Haha and that was then, and this is now. Long story short, we made the sink, then we made another sink, then I said ‘how about a table’? Then we got looking at other concrete furniture from Europe and USA and we noticed something very interesting. No-one had made concrete furniture suitable for the mainstream. It was heavy, expensive, mostly ugly, and seemed like a big effort to acquire.

And that was the spark.

That night we went to bed very, very late. We sat around that same lounge room just throwing all sorts of amazing ideas. We have always been advocators of doing something original, something special. That night we developed a plan for Nood Co and set about solving the problems of concrete.


More than 18 months later here we are. Its time to share out baby with you.

Welcome to Nood Co.


Matt and Chris.




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