Team - Nood Co
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Matt –  Product Designer 

Matt grew up in a creative environment. His mother was a draftsperson/sketch artist, his father a residential builder, his sister an artist. From a young age Matts studies lied in art history, photography, and later, extensively in architecture, TV production, residential/commercial design and interior styling. His design/moral compass is aimed toward originality and genuine connection.


Chris – Head Manufacturer 

Chris was a multi awarded apprentice. His understanding of chemical composition and material usage in natural material – be that in chemical analysis, mechanical education, wet and dry concrete applications , extensive welding/manufacture/ assembly study is unrivalled. Chris makes it look easy, and its seriously not.


Elise – Web Design and Social Media 

Elise is Nood’s young gun. A master of code and site arrangement if you loved your shopping experience its thanks to Elise. Our site and social presence is critical and Elise has Nood covered every day with sharp, usable content.

Matty Young1

Matt -Maker

Matt co-runs the manufacture floor for Nood Co. In charge of the finesse of each product, Matt drives our team of makers to ensure each piece of concrete is made with precise love.


Cory – 3D Modelling/ CAD

Masters qualified in Architecture Cory aids the Nood design team in shaping up their visions, into workable 3d models.

Cory has a strong guage on proportion, aethetic and structural engineering.

Conna West1

Conna – Maker

Conna co-runs the manufacture floor at Nood Co HQ. An ever growing platform, Conna ensures the the staff training is a constant work in progress. With a trained eye for detail you can thank Conna for Nood’s exponential growth and consistent quality.


Renoy -Accounts

Renoy is the financial and strategic backbone of Nood Co. He guides the Nood management team in a scalable direction and pace, daily.


Marc – Photography

Marc is a seasoned portrait and product shoot photographer. An important part of our brand is aptly presenting the ideals and culture that our products suggest. Nood doesnt get anymore Marc, and Marc doesn’t get anymore Nood.


Claire – Brand Development and Graphic Design

Claire is an award winning graphic artist with a monster catalogue of original art, brand development and insane logo treatments. Her brand development is slick, super on trend and always completely original. A good portion of Noods energy is Claire.